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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hello, i am an artist that seems to go by many names/faces, and many interests. everything from human-like animals, architecture, game map making to astronomy and anything that catches my inspiration really.

So welcome! hopefully you can find some inspiration from my work, and create something amazing yourself.



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Venus Clouds
I feel like we never really had a good cloud map of Venus, it appears we have been regurgitating the same ones for the past 15 years. lately i saw the wonderful ultraviolet Images taken of Venus from the Akatsuki spacecraft by JAXA…

I figured, why not make something new with them. so i spent the last 4 and a half hours projecting and putting this map together, it was hard to fit all the images together, and i ended up using a bit of hand painting to make sure everything blends nicely, but i think it worked out. i know some parts of it aren't exactly real, but clouds change all the time anyway.

enjoy = )

if you wish to make this map more like what it would look like in viable light. just up the brightness and lower the contrast a lot. lol

Use this however you like, just give me a credit if possible for assembling. ^^
Earth Flag Concept?
i was randomly going through my old files and then i found this? i don't even know if i made this? but i cant find it anywhere online. its.. kinda a cool idea. what do you think?
Moon Gen 1.00
Be warned, this version has bugs!! ive been hard at work adding stuff and fixing bugs. here's a WIP version for now if the above is too broken for you. i need to sleep now and i don't have any time.… i will likely be at work all week too so i wont be able to do any more work. cheers.

This spreadsheet was made in
LibreOffice, and therefore i think it is best that you use LibreOffice to use this. besides, LibreOffice is free anyway. :)

sorry, i know, i hate on space engines default generation a lot. :( i find the moon systems and solar systems it makes are so boring and all the same. like, they literally all just generate with the same spacing between everything and it just isn't exciting. planets never effect the positions of each other and it feels so fake. sorry! i guess this is my solution = )

What can it do?:

O-- Gena rates moon systems!
O-- Has a chance of generating moons in Lagrange points with other moons.
O-- Has a small chance of generating moons with moons, only at very far distances from the planet. (0.08 au)
O-- Can generate moon systems for gas giants down to small dwarf planets.
O-- Much more unique moon systems, a very large contrast to space engines default ones that all are shaped the same.
O-- Moons will generate in a way so that they avoid each other and do not crash together like happens in space engine.
O-- Larger moons will orbit with much larger spaces, far away from smaller moons. and small moons will be free to be close together.
O-- has a chance of generating moon systems with major moons of similar mass (like Uranus or Jupiter), or systems with large contrast in sizes. (Like Saturn or Neptune systems)
O-- can generate major moons on elliptical orbits and inclined orbits (again, kind of like Saturn or Neptune systems)
O-- Generates both prograde, and retrograde outer moons.. (hmm need to make it so it can do retrograde moons like Triton too. = o that should not be too hard.

What can it not do?:
O-- Orbital resonances. (i really want to do this, but i need to figure out the math behind it, and how to actually do it in a spreadsheet. i have no idea. help??????
O-- no custom textures sadly... i know i wish they looked better close up but i don't feel like making a texture system nor do i have a lot of premade textures to give moons of different types. they all use space engines default surface stuff. sorry.
O-- does not generate with densities in mind, nor does it calculate radius from mass. it relies on space engine for this to complete those calculations.
O-- Outer moons are not as diverse as maybe they should be?
O-- No retrograde moons like Triton. (i should probably do this!) i haven't thought about it until now.

If you have any suggestions or bugs, please let me know, cheers = )
Object Gen 2.17
NEW in 2.17
Generates binary asteroids!

removed  Macros
lots of small fixes. all of them i can not remember.
Cleaned up the interface a lot so it is more simple.

This is a spreadsheet generator of asteroid belts in Space engine.
Requires Snowfalls Default Textures for Space Engine ( )
I made this with LibreOffice cal. unsure if it will work with Microsoft Word. if not. LibreOffice is free

Also i am sorry about the macros warning, i tried to remove the macros copy and past thing i made, but it did not work properly. just ignore it if you can.

What can it do:
Generate asteroids in orbital resonances with a planet
Generate just randomly placed asteroids
Generate trojan orbit style asteroids with a planet
Generate asteroids with moons
Generate Minor moons of planets
Generate very basic Dwarf planets (not recommended but yeah)
Generate asteroids with custom textures (if you do not want this, go in the spreadsheet and get rid of the "Surface { }"
Generate tidally locked objects
Has more chance of generating smaller objects then larger ones.
Generate a choice of rockey objects, icey, or mixed.

What can it not do:
Generate Comets (i will get to this one day soon)
Generate Atmospheres etc
Generate more then 5 objects and a chance of 2 moons at a time (you will need to refresh the page after every time you use it "Ctrl+Shift+F9")

If you find any bugs, please let me know. i will try to see what i can do about them.
Oesha Landscape Atempt
it was suggested to me to paint something with life in it, so i attempted to paint the landscape of my world as an easy practice. how did i do? lol
notice the floating green creatures in the sky! ^^

i think i made a mistake on this one, i started painting on a black canvas. black is good for space and dark environments, but i feel like it darkened this overall image, and took more paint to get the colours to stand out more.
im surprisingly not very experienced with landscapes too. any tips?


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