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Hello, i am an artist that seems to go by many names/faces, and many interests. everything from human-like animals, architecture, game map making to astronomy and anything that catches my inspiration really.

So welcome! hopefully you can find some inspiration from my work, and create something amazing yourself.



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Some More Worlds ^^
just some more planets and moons i worked on in the past year or so = )
in order from top down they are:

Galundra - a small icey moon of Yovawndra
Rezomica - a larger moon of Yovawndra
Homitch - a super earth in the outer parts of its solar system
O'deya - a snowy super earth in the inner parts of that same system
Arsitchulus - an earth sized planet barely riding the definition of what a planet is, in the outer parts of its system.
Lemaul - the 4th major moon orbiting around Jeulio, i redid it, it used to look like this = )
Fé - the 1st major moon orbiting around Jeulio. it is very volcanic.
Yatchik - one of two enormous freezing moons orbiting a gas giant, this moon has dust storms of ice and volatiles
Dartheos - a gaint planet that i had in my imagination for some reason a while back. does it look familiar somehow?
made this planet today, i love it somehow. you know when you find a cozzey little corner that you just want to stay in all curled up? this planet and its moon system feels that way for me >/<

if you haven't noticed, that moon orbits at a crazzy polar angle and it is the size of Titania about. and the planet itself is sideways and crazzy with a "planet 9" styled orbit. so the moon can actually cast shadows directly on the giant planets polar caps. <3
Hello, just a short journal.
I have been using spreadsheet a lot for making my asteroid generator.

Though it has been my longest dream to make a planetary system generator.
spreadsheet seems very difficult to do such a thing as it can only make a fixed number of objects at a time. (as far as i know)

I need a better way to program such things for a more ambitious generator that can: do math, place variables on a predefined script layout, chunks of script defining each object that can be repeated a number of times, have each chunk do math based off the values from other chunks, have it so you can place input values for the generator to use, be able to export the planet systems made. pretty much like my asteroid generator for Space Engine.

But i don't know any programing or anything about it. i don't know what to ask or search for online to help me. i need a teacher to help me start. i feel stuck and lost. any ideas? :writeexam: Emote- Epic fail - new version Confused :( (Sad) 
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Subject 12662
It will make ur brain explode! drawn from memory today at work.
Jeulio and Oesha
Updated. This is what these two look like now, much more realistic colours, enjoy = )

How would you like to live here?

(Download for full size view


I finally got around to repainting the texture for Jeulio (big green one) this is what it looked like before. the old texture was just a placeholder taken from the net. the one i have now is completely hand painted with a pattern and design i am much more happy with. though it is still in the works. (note the low detail in the bottom parts of the gas giant compared to the top part where the ring shadows are. sorry about that, just ignore it for now. :) )

Ive been working so much on this lately in the new Space Engine 0.972. Not just Jeulio and Oesha, but the entire triple star system they exist within and all the races and all that. I should show some stuff about the rest of the work i have done later.
So far i have painted textures for 11 planets/moons elsewhere, though they are not all complete and have many planets/moons with no textures or even names.
Its a lot of work painting entire worlds. but its so much fun to do. i feel like i am putting a bit of myself into each one, with love and care. <3

here, some nice theme music might set a cool mood for all the other worlds i yet have no name for. Hammock - In the Middle of this Nowhere

fun fact:
If you lived on Oesha, Jeulio in the sky would be as big as two hands held out at arms length. the rings would be about 5 long. ^^

That little moon in the background is named Fé. It is very volcanic due to being squished and pulled by Jeulio's powerful gravity and other moons. eaven so, it is very important to life on the gas giant and replenishing the rings with new fresh dust.


Made in Space Engine, all painted in Paint Tool SAI using wacomb bamboo create tablet. a solar system i am making lately. you can see the Far Lands on Oesha in this picture. :)


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